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We have captured the timeless elegance of a raised panel door and combined it with the durability, security, and low maintenance of pre-finished 24 gauge steel. Compare our Steel Raised Panel(SRP) model with any other make of steel door. The manufacturing quality and superior appearance are readily apparent after installation and for years to come.




• Raised panel sizes of appropriate proportions and spacing ensure all door sizes have an authentic raised panel look; Available in White, Almond, Sandtone, or Brown

• Tog-L-Lock™ fastening system provides strength to joints without burning or piercing the metal

• Resilient vinyl weather strip attached to the door bottom with an aluminum retainer minimizes air filtration

• Rivet-free door surface creates smooth, uniform look

• Factory installed 1-1/2" thick polystyrene insulation with calculated R-value of 6.85 increases energy efficiency while reducing noise levels

• Rigid white vinyl backing covers and protects the insulation and provides an attractive interior door finish

General Doors SRP Insulated Garage Door

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