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The SilentMax Connect garage door opener with Aladdin Connect Smartphone Connectivity, is ultra-quiet, making it the ideal choice for garages attached to living spaces. With the included Aladdin Connect, you have the ability to connect to your home's Wi-Fi network and monitor and control your garage from anywhere with your smartphone or smart device. The SilentMax Connect has a DC motor that operates powerfully and quietly, featuring a soft start and stop control making installation easier and door travel smoother (an improvement over AC motors). The 3/4 HPc DC motor paired with an ultra-quiet steel-reinforced belt drive system makes the unit so quiet you won't even know it's moving. You will also enjoy the added conveniences of 2 preprogrammed 3-button remotes for fast set-up, and a wall control with an independent light button and vacation lock.

Genie SilentMax Connect Opener

$570.00 Regular Price
$456.00Sale Price
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